Jerry Jarvis

Jerry was the Managing Director of Edexcel, and transformed it from a failing charity into a dramatically successful commercial organisation (£230m turnover, increased company value 27x in five years). In turn, Edexcel transformed the exam system, bringing professionalism that replaced the cottage industry. Edexcel has been described as perhaps the most successful acquisition in the Pearson Group’s history. He left Edexcel left to form Jerry Jarvis Limited in part to help him to put something back into education, because education should be better than it is. Previously, Jerry had a long-standing career across multiple sectors. He held several senior Operations posts; merged companies; ran £100m+ complex manufacturing sites; brought large efficiency and utilisation changes; and devised a number of critically successful new production philosophies including condensed assembly and trickle flow production. As IT director, Jerry led major programmes under time and budget; integrated IT and other value-adding activities. As Project Manager, he directed the relocation of very large companies, and led design, environmental and procurement programmes. As Quality Director, led substantial improvements in business and supplier performance. General Manager of the most successful UK professional photo processor, developing a world first integration of business and technical data in 1975 forerunning ERP.

Jerry sits on the Advisory Board of Emerge Venture Lab.

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