Philip Otley

Philip brings 20 years of strategy consulting, line-marketing and venture creating experience to the table. His specialty lies in helping clients identify growth opportunities, transform their operating model and drive revenue and profit uplift. He has assisted blue-chip Clients such as eBay, Swarovski, Turkish Airlines and the Virgin Group with their brand and proposition development. Philip’s also co-created a start-up venture for Accenture with Nokia and Sampo Bank and formed Accenture’s Pricing and Profit Optimization strategy practice across Europe and Latin America. He’s also lost his own money investing in and working with early stage start-ups, which he considers an invaluable experience, but maybe not to be repeated.

Philip graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor degree in politics, economics and industrial relations. He holds an MBA from IMD (International Institute for Management Development) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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