Rakhi Rajani

Rakhi has a diverse background that spans psychology, computing, design and strategy. She is a Chartered Psychologist but started her career at Hewlett Packard Labs in Silicon Valley where she was tasked with forecasting and designing ‘human’ and experiential products and services for the Cooltown programme – a smart city futures project that developed new sensor enabled spatial experiences (now known as the ‘internet of things’).

Since then she has worked across the globe and in a variety of market sectors from automotive to healthcare and retail to hospitality to develop the strategic direction of organisations wishing to enter new markets with new products and services. Basically, she helps them identify ‘white space’, decide what to do next and design solutions.

Rakhi has a Bachelors in Computing and Psychology from Brunel University and a Masters in Narrative Environments from Central Saint Martins – where she also teaches Innovation, Spatial Psychology, Experience Design and Strategy. She chaired the Designing for User Experience conference in San Francisco, contributes to journals on experience design, and writes on global design trends for Harpers Bazaar Interiors Middle East.

Rakhi has consulted for major luxury, hospitality, retail, technology, charity and entertainment brands including Jumeirah, ARUP Foresight, Samsung, Selfridges, Cancer Research, O2, Philips Futures, Orange, Sony, Nike, Wrigley, Yahoo!, Nokia, VW, HP, Cisco and others.

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