Salim Virani

An entreprenerd, consultant and Lean Startup advocate.

Sal is the creator of Leancamp, an event format which brings multiple industries together around entrepreneurial and design methods to help businesses find unmet needs and get to market faster. His background is in direct & integrated marketing and internet technology. The businesses Sal has founded range from technical service providers to consumer e-commerce sites, and include a digital media department for a major advertising agency.

Sal helps business founders and strategists move quickly from vision to market traction. He helps founders understand how to systematically find unmet needs, align research with impact, and reduce early-stage risks.

Specialties: business strategy: business model design, marketing strategy, lean startup, customer development, market research.

Getting to market: product development, product launches, agile development, user experience design.

Digital platforms: designing technical architectures, website design & development, content management and collaboration, scalable systems, Amazon Web Services, LAMP (Linux Apache PHP MySQL)

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