Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen

Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen (PhD, Psychologist) is CEO of Serious Games interactive. He did a PhD on the educational use of computer games and previously worked as an assistant professor at IT-University of Copenhagen for 5 years on games and learning projects.
He founded Serious Games Interactive in 2006. Today it has offices in three countries and around 20 employees. It’s currently among the leading in the field. He has studied, researched and worked with computer games for more than 10 years. Over the years he has been involved in developing more than 50 games for different clients. He has been involved in developing the award-winning series Global Conflicts, Playing History and Trunky.
He has served on the Digital Game Research Association Board for 3 years, co-founded and authored four books on video games. He regularly gives talks around the world.

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