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Why Emerge Education?

Why should we choose Emerge as our investor?

We believe that capital is only a small part of what you need to be successful. We focus on giving the founders we invest in strategic advice on how best to tackle markets we intimately understand.

We also focus on making high-level introductions that can catalyse their company's growth. We have built a close network of LPs and advisors, which range from university vice-chancellors of leading UK universities, to heads of Learning&Development at the world's largest employers, to education entrepreneurs who have built the very type of companies we invest in. Because it doesn't make sense for generalist VCs to build this expertise or network across many different sectors, our benefit to founders is unparalleled in European Venture Capital

Our goal is to get you to series A within 12-18 months of our investment. Our growth team will work with you to identify the key metrics you will need to hit in order to maximize your chances of securing this funding and assess your performance against a custom Series A scorecard.

We operate in Higher Education, what are the benefits of working with Emerge?

We regularly convene vice-chancellors, deputy vice-chancellors, CIOs, and chief operating officers of more than a dozen top UK universities including Coventry, University of London, Portsmouth, Sheffield, York, Imperial College London, and others, to discuss how technology is shaping higher and further education.

At these meetings, founders from our portfolio discuss the problems these leaders face and network with them over drinks and dinner. Our last annual showcase brought together senior leaders from more than 35 universities.

We have a long-standing and very close partnership with Jisc, a non-profit membership organisation that provides digital solutions for most universities and colleges in the UK. Together with Jisc and our advisory board, we have developed the Step Up programme, designed to make it easier for startups to sell their products to colleges and universities.

What is Step Up?

It is a joint initiative designed by Jisc and Emerge Education that provides a ‘health check’ for startups targeting the UK higher education market. It aims to reduce sales cycles and build a bridge from startups to the sector.

Companies that successfully pass the Step Up evaluation criteria receive a comprehensive report, and are allowed to display the “Assessed by Jisc” badge, demonstrating that certain levels of legal and technical compliance have been achieved. Find out more here.

We operate in the lifelong learning space, what are the benefits of working with Emerge?

We regularly convene heads of HR and talent from some of the most sought-after employers in the UK, including Google, Apple, Barclays, PWC, GlaxoSmithKline, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and others to discuss barriers to career progression for graduates and employers.

We invite companies that use technology to tackle these issues to present to the group and participate in the discussion.

The Nuts and Bolts

At what stage do you invest?

Our preference is to invest at pre-seed and in most cases, we are first money in. We also invest at seed.

What is your typical ticket size?

£300-500k, with the ability to go up to £1m.

Do you invest in startups outside of Europe?

Yes. Our main focus is on investing in European pre-seed and seed companies. However, we occasionally invest in companies outside of Europe that have a particularly compelling approach to democratising opportunity, especially where we can add strategic value through our European network.

Do you lead investment rounds?

We lead pre-seed rounds. We don't lead seed rounds but will work with you to construct your seed round and help you find a lead if we like your company.

What is your investment process?

After reviewing your deck or materials, one of the investment team will have a first call. If there is continued interest from both sides, you and your co-founders meet the rest of the investment team, before being invited to present to the Investment Committee. We aim to move from first call to term sheet within one month.

How do I get in touch?

Email [email protected], submit your deck via our website, or get someone we know to introduce you to us

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