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Anders Krohn, CEO at Aula

What we bring

A world-class team

We are backed by world-class education leaders and entrepreneurs who will support you to accelerate product-market fit.

Grow with our network

Our network of C-level executives in UK higher education and corporate learning will help you go to market faster.

Deep education sector insights

As the most active European investor in education, we have deep knowledge of the education market.

Our impact


A social learning platform

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Employer-HE collaboration

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Online ed in emerging markets

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Why we do this

Picture a 16+ education system that can double its capacity in just ten years, align swiftly with employers to provide training for newly invented skills and keep helping people train and re-skill throughout their lives.

That’s not the world we’re living in — yet. But it’s what’s being demanded, with increasing pressure, by the people and industries that are shaping the world of today and tomorrow. It is a fast-emerging fundamental global need and education needs to rise to the challenge.

This matters to us … and will matter to everyone.

As immigrants and first generation university graduates, all of us at Emerge have had transformational education experiences that have unlocked access to careers our parents would never have dreamed of.

That’s why we’re investing in companies that make such experiences accessible to millions of people. We partner with entrepreneurs who provide people with access to education and gainful employment, and industry with access to talent.

Join us.

Jan, Nic, Mary, Mario and Shinaz

Partners, Emerge Education
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