Emerge instantly understood our vision. |

And they have supported us at every stage towards it.

Omar de Silva, Co-CEO Fourthrev

How we invest

We serve the early stage

Emerge is the only European edtech specialist fund focused on pre-seed and seed. We will be your hands-on partners from your first-ever round.

We are thesis-driven

We invest in companies that democratise access to opportunity, whether that’s about levelling the playing field for kids, helping people get their first job, or enabling people to build fulfilling careers.

We are community-powered

Our community of 100+ Venture Partners covers every skill, business model, and customer type imaginable in edtech. We connect you with those who have been there before to set you up for success.

Our partnerships with Founders


Screen-free learning for kids aged 3-12 years

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Hands-on digital learning for early years

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Enabling employer-university collaboration at scale

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The go-to payment collections platform for schools

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A digital learning platform for teaching and learning

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A free AI-powered study chatbot for students in EM

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Why we do this

Picture a 16+ education system that can double its capacity in just ten years, align swiftly with employers who provide training for newly invented skills, and keep helping people train and re-skill throughout their lives.

That’s not the world we’re living in — yet. But it’s what’s being demanded, with increasing pressure, by the people and industries that are shaping the world of today and tomorrow. It is a fast-emerging fundamental global need and education needs to rise to the challenge.

This matters to us … and will matter to everyone.

As immigrants and first-generation university graduates, all of us at Emerge have had transformational educational experiences that have unlocked access to careers our parents would never have dreamed of.

That’s why we’re investing in companies that make such experiences accessible to millions of people. We partner with entrepreneurs who provide people with access to education and gainful employment, and industry with access to talent.

Join us.

Jan, Nic, Mario and Zara

The Emerge Education Team
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