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Why Emerge Venture Partners?

Who are Emerge’s Venture Partners?

Emerge is backed by 100+ Venture Partners, representing every functional skill, business model and customer type imaginable in edtech. When we invest in you, you don’t just get access to a team of five - you get a team of 100.

How will Emerge accelerate my path to product-market fit?

We believe that the most important thing at the early stages is having access to people who have encountered exactly the same problems as you, in your market. It’s the most effective way of getting to the solutions that others have already figured out.

Unlike other VCs, the majority of Emerge’s LPs are operators who have built the world’s most successful edtech companies and providers, including the co-founders and CEOs of Udemy, Degreed, Trilogy, Beamery, Busuu, OpenClassrooms, Kahoot, Andela, SNHU and IUBH. 

They engage with our portfolio companies throughout the entire relationship, from supporting the diligence process, to co-investing with us as angels, becoming advisors to our companies and sometimes even joining their boards or becoming customers. Having access to this team of experts is a critical advantage for the entire Emerge portfolio.

How much do you invest?

We invest anywhere between £250k and £1.5m at pre-seed and seed.

At what stage do you invest?

Our preference is to invest at pre-seed and in most cases, we are first money in. We occasionally also invest at seed.

Do you lead investment rounds?

A lead investor sets the terms for your round, helps you bring other investors (angels, other funds) to the table and usually also joins your board. We lead pre-seed and seed rounds and are happy to co-lead with others where there is a fit.

What can I expect from the investment process?

Please submit your deck via the website or get introduced to us by a mutual contact. If we think your profile is interesting, we will set up a short intro call to get to know each other and see if there is a potential fit. If we dig in after that, the next stage is to deeply get to know your team and collaboratively explore your vision. This process takes between 2-4 weeks and ends with an investment committee meeting with both of our teams. We give you an in-principle decision/offer after the IC meeting. 

How many startups do you partner with per year?

We invest in 6-7 startups per year. This means we’re hands-on partners for the small number of founders we choose to work with. 

Do you invest anywhere in the world?

Yes. Emerge is a global investor and we have written first cheques for companies all over the world, including the UK, Germany, France, Hungary, USA, South Africa, Mexico, Peru and Australia.

What is your thematic focus?

At the highest level, we invest in companies that democratise access to opportunity, whether that’s about leveling the playing field for kids, helping learners succeed in the formal education system, or helping adults build fulfilling careers. 

We invest in both B2C and B2B companies and in both technology products and technology-enabled services. 

You can find out more about our detailed investment thesis by reading our manifesto.

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