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Emerge Education is a 3-month, London-based accelerator programme for startups aiming to improve educational outcomes worldwide. Successful applicants receive:

Beta Testing & Accelerated customer acquisition tailored to your business model

We have built a specific mentor group for startups that target learners directly. This group includes key players such as Bernhard Niesner (CEO, Busuu), Ben Whately (COO, Memrise), and Jan Reichelt (Co-Founder and President, Mendeley), all entrepreneurs who have scaled products to millions of learners.

Through a partnership with TSL Education, the world’s largest online teacher network, we provide our teacher-focused start-ups unprecedented access to those that matter most – teachers themselves. Their honest feedback will help you develop your ideas, testing your products quickly and directly with your target market.

For B2B startups, we have built a community of early adopters who are eager to test your products. You will interact with them via office hours, and private demo events. The group includes schools & school chains, further education providers and corporates.


Business development

Access to senior management within industry-leading businesses who could act as potential distributors or partners, including publishers, school enterprise software, and resellers. Check out our Innovation Partners to discover some of the companies you will be able to leverage.


Access to investment

We work with the most sought-after VCs and Angels in London, giving the accepted startups a seamless way of connecting to investors through regular office hours, demo events, and investor lunches.


The Emerge Community

A series of useful, fun events, dinners with celebrated founders, socials, and a tight group of edtech focused peers who will become your fiercest supporters in these early years.


A living stipend of £15k

Our network

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Below are a taste of the organisations we partner with: they provide our startups with the resources required to scale quickly and sustainably. In turn Emerge Education enables the Innovation Partners access to the newest, most disruptive technologies in education, giving them a better understanding of the latest education trends.
SBS-SQ-logo-WEB-RGBSaïd Business School is an academic department and the business school of the University of Oxford in England. It is the University of Oxford’s centre of learning for undergraduate and graduate students in business, management and finance. Emerge Education’s parent company, Emerge Venture Lab was borne from Saïd Business School’s incubator and they still support the company by giving Emerge access to it’s faculty as well as to it’s connections within education.
tes_logoTES exists to drive up standards of education by putting the right teachers in the right jobs and giving them the tools to be the very best that they can be. With over 5.5 million registered online users in over 274 countries and territories, it is the largest online network of teachers in the world. TES, in their mission to position themselves as the hub of thought leadership for the teaching profession, wan’t to be able to introduce the innovations from Emerge Education’s startups to their teacher community.
TSRThe Student Room is where students connect. Home to more than 1.4 million members, TSR is by far the largest student community in the world. It is a thriving community of students supporting each other with everything from GCSEs through to jobs.

The Student Room aim to support Emerge Education ventures in the following ways:

  • Expertise: Provide expertise in the form of workshops or mentorship about areas such as search engine optimization, conversion optimization and community management;
  • Usability testing: Provide relevant startups with the ability to utilise the usability lab at TSR’s Brighton offices;
  • Surveys: Provide relevant startups with the ability to send appropriate survey questions to subsections of TSR’s users, to help validate startups’ business hypotheses and to gain valuable data for both the startup and TSR;
  • Investment and partnership pitches: Provide startups the opportunity to pitch TSR for investment and/or channel partnership during the programme.
1187Oxford University Press (OUP) is the largest university press in the world, and the second-oldest. It is a department of the University of Oxford and is governed by a group of 15 academics appointed by the Vice-Chancellor known as the Delegates of the Press.

Emerge works with OUP to provide an opportunity to present the new cohort and to talk about the benefits of partnering with OUP, with topics including publishing, OUP’s APIs, partnership opportunities and investment opportunities.

imgres-2Eton College is an independent boarding school of the highest reputation and a leading provider of secondary education. As such, the school represents a community of best-in-class educators striving to lead in innovation and excellence in education. Through partnering with Emerge, Eton College seeks to gain intimate access to the leading education entrepreneurs in the UK, Europe and worldwide and an opportunity to promote its brand both within the Emerge community of educators, entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts and externally.

The Startups

Current Cohort

OB3 | A beautiful web app for online study. Create media rich documents to be shared, discussed and annotated
Unitu | An entirely new way to listen and engage with the student voice
Doodle Maths | UK's Best-Selling Primary Maths App
Recurrence | Gamified business case studies use data from real companies, enabling students to step into the shoes of leadership
Pi-Top | The worlds first 3D printable build it yourself laptop
Ncite | Edcuational, experiential games. They have created Tetra; an app that teaches you music without an instrument
Learn Forward | An open-source authoring tool for a new breed of digital textbooks


Meducation | Educational social network for medical professionals
Learned By Me is no longer operational. They closed their doors in mid 2014
A Tale Unfolds | utilising video to accelerate literacy
Orientalmente | Chinese lessons with native teachers
Student Funder | Crowdfunding platform for student loans
Lexicum | Personalised vocab acquisition
Bibblio | the greatest library of free quality learning materials
Primo | Toy Makers 3.0. Smart toys that teach
Edhub | Born as a single sign-on for schools, they have recently pivoted to providing e-commerce stores with information services
Nursery Book | Progress tracking for nursery schools
Drum Roll | making games with purpose
Ellumia | A mobile learning platform
Sixth Domain | behavior management for primary and secondary schools
LearnCube | create your own language school


Senior Developer | Recurrence : a startup participating in EE3, our third program, commencing 19th January 2015. Please email lucy@emerge.education if you are intrigued...


Applications for the July 2015 program opens in April. The programme runs twice per year, starting in January and July.
No. If you have not already incorporated your company, we recommend that you wait to do so because it's easier to start with our standard paperwork.
We will consider companies that already have significant traction and revenue before they apply to Emerge Education. The mentoring, networking, distribution, and testing provided in our program create value for most early stage companies.
Each startup will receive a £15K stipend for the programme.
We take 3-8% equity in your startup and an option to participate in up to 20% (cash value) of your next investment round at a 20% discount to the next best investor. If you want more details, please read our term sheet.
In most cases we will take 8% in your startup. We may deviate from this in rare cases and within the range, where a selected startup has taken significant investment money before.
If we select you, the goal will be to build a compelling prototype or demo to raise money from appropriate investors. It’s better to launch a product before Demo Day if possible, but it’s not a must.
A business plan is not necessary, all the information we need is covered in the application form.
If your solution is largely built on tech, we would strongly recommend that you have a full-time developer in your team.
Nothing is set in stone, but we strongly advise all startups to be in London for the majority of the programme to maximise the value they can get. The most important parts to be present in London are the initial fourteen days, and the two last weeks including Demo Day.
Yes, this is a must-have. You can upload it to YouTube or elsewhere. Please follow the video guidelines.
No, as long as you get here for at least three months. We don’t provide visas, but we have partnered with Migreat, a unique and powerful tool that can help you find the easiest way to enter the UK.
Yes, but that’s usually not a problem. It’s easy for foreign nationals to start UK companies (much easier than remaining here physically), and investors and acquirers prefer them.
We expect you to apply with a compelling idea relevant to the education market. That said, we are looking for nimble teams that can pivot as needed, and team strength is a priority in our selection process.
We are always looking for great people to work with us. Drop Lucy a line on lucy@emerge.education, and tell her how you would like to get involved.


If you would like more information on the accelerator or support with the application, please contact lucy@emerge.education

Send all other enquiries to inside@emergeventurelab.com

Visit Emerge Education at our co-working space in Camden:

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